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600th Anniversary of First Swiss Confederation, 1891102 views
Dubois, Alphee, C.A.P. Rifle Club, Silver-combo.jpg
C.A.P. Rifle Club, Silver, Awarded 190784 views
Dubois, Alphee, Centenaire de la Premie_re Alliance Perpetuelle des Confe_de_re_s, 1896-combo.jpg
Centenaire de la Premiére Alliance Perpetuelle des Confédérés, 189164 views
Charles Adolphe Wurtz, Chemist, 188662 views
Cherubs Plaquette, ca. 190058 views
Dubois, Alphee, Horse Breeding medal-combo.jpg
Comice Agricole de Cambrai71 views
Dubois, Alphee, Concours de Tir-combo~0.jpg
Concours de Tir82 views
Dubois, Alphee, Union of Gymnastics Societies of France, 1889-combo.jpg
Courage, Patrie, Moralite, D’apres H. Chapu - Union of Gymnastics Societies of France, 188975 views
Department of the Somme Medal of Honor, 189871 views
Dubois, Alphee, Farm Animals-combo~2.jpg
Dubois, Alphee, Animaux296 views
l Decoratie Arts School-combo.jpg
École Nationale d'Art Décoratif - Limoges252 views
Dubois, Alphee, French Ministry of Agriculture-combo.jpg
French Ministry of Agriculture63 views
French Shooting Medal by Dubois-Obverse-Small~0.jpg
French Shooting Medal80 views
Dubois, Alphee, Gardening-combo.jpg
Horticulture45 views
Horticulture, Gardening Medal-combo.jpg
Horticulture, Gardening Medal163 views
Horticulture, Silver61 views
Dubois, Alphee, International Expo, Chile, 1875-combo.jpg
International Exposition, Chile, 187571 views
Dubois, Alphee, Jesus and Cross.jpg
Jesus and the Cross48 views
La Géographie - Touring Club de France60 views
Dubois, Alphee, Touring-Club de France-combo.jpg
La Géographie - Touring Club de France63 views
Dubois, Alphee, Touring-Club de France, Reverse by Henri Dubois, silver-combo2.jpg
La Géographie - Touring Club de France59 views
Marianne, Award Medal, 189047 views
Dubois, Alphee, Adult Instruction-combo.jpg
Ministére de l’Instruction Publique 191344 views
Dubois, Alphee, Ministry of Education, 1898-combo.jpg
Ministere de l’Instruction Publique, 191339 views
Monument d'après N. Poussin, ca. 190046 views
Orpheus - Ministere de l’Instruction Publique et des Beaux-Arts, Awarded 193043 views
Dubois, Alphee, Orpheus-combo.jpg
Orpheus - Ministre de la Jeunesse des Arts et des Lettres49 views
Orpheus - Music Award, National School of Music48 views
P. C. Jules Janssen and J. Norman Lockyer - Apollo Studies of Solar Flares69 views
Dubois, Alphee, Proclamation de la Re_publique, 4 Septembre 1870-combo.jpg
Proclamation de la République, 4 Septembre 187046 views
Universite de France, Faculté de Droit de Caen, 191358 views
Dubois, Alphee, Ville de Lille-obv3.jpg
Ville de Lille76 views
Dubois, Alphee, Ville de Lille-combo.jpg
Ville de Lille95 views
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