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SOM#070, Frank Eliscu, Sea Treasures, 1964
From the collection of John Birks

Numbers Issued: 937 Bronze


I have always felt that life and movement are synonymous, and the piece of sculpture designed with grace and movement is a beautiful thing. Of the many themes that lend themselves to this belief, the natural beauty of the sea is one that has always fascinated me.

The silent world of the sea is a constant pattern of every-changing form and movement. Only within the suspension of water can the human form be released to its ultimate flow of grace and action. From the ebb of the tides to the turbulence and fury of the angry waves, there is an endless flow of life. Earlier than recorded time and always a source of mysterious beauty, the sea is the last remaining unchartered world left to man, an enchanted land in which is imagination can soar and from it he draws a wealth of inspiration.

In this medal "Sea Treasures" the undulation of the sea plant is a study of graceful movement in this quiet world under the water, and the diver swimming effortlessly gives full play to the rhythmic design the human figure can achieve, when freed from the restriction of earth-bound action. -- Frank Eliscu, 1964


Frank Eliscu was born in Brooklyn, New York and became fascinated with sculpture at the age of twelve, when he started to model wax candle drippings into small figures. He studied at Pratt Institute, Beaux Arts Institute of Design and was apprenticed to Rudulph Evans, sculptor. He is a charter member of the Clay Club in New York, now the Sculpture Center; a Fellow of the national Sculpture Society; associate of the National Academy of Design and a member of the Architectural League of New York.

His "Shark Diver" can be seen in Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina; the "Naiad", a large bronze fountain, at 100 Church Street, New York City; the "Atoms for Peace" in Ventura, California; his heroic "Slate Horses" in the Bankers Trust Building, 529 Fifth Avenue, New York city. His bronze fish and birds "The Fifth Day" in the Hippodrome Building, New York City is another example of his under-sea motif.

He has made numerous designs for Steuben Glass, the most recent being the "Poetry in Crystal" Exhibit. Among his slate relief works are the "Stations of the Cross" at the Father Judge Mission Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia and "Abraham Lincoln" in the Lincoln Savings Bank, Brooklyn, N.Y.

His book "Sculpture, Three Techniques" is used in many schools and universities. He has been the recipient of numerous sculpture awards. His work is widely exhibited and represented in both museums and private collections.
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