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JAB-12 1864 Storecard/Stamp Cutter - Brass

28mm - Unknown number struck

Listed as 760A-7b in the new Civil war Token Storecard book, with a Rarity of 10.

None of the early Bolen reference works list this variety as having been struck in Brass. The example pictured was listed as Unique in a June 2017 Stacks auction, where it realized $2820, lot 9097. I do not believe the piece is unique. I have an example that is edge lettered "25 Copper" that was clearly struck on a Brass planchet. This example and a couple Copper pieces are pictured in my first Bolen gallery. Check it out and decide for yourself. Bolen made a couple metal identification mistakes on his edge lettered examples, leading a few of us to postulate that he was color blind.

JAB-12_Brass.jpg jab-9_silver.jpg 1939_CZECHOSLOVAKIA_NY_WORLDS_FAIR_FREEDOM_MEDAL_-_MEDALLIC_ART_CO_combo.jpg ALBERT_ROI_to_M__De_Vos_Maurits_2inch_SILVER_Medal_by_VERMEYLEN_Belgium_Combo.jpg Mathieu_De_Dombasle_by_Bescher_Combo.jpg