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28mm - 6 struck by Mason

The dies for this medal were stuck in 1862, several months before Bolen served his mandatory three year enlistment at the U.S. Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. The dies were sold to George B. Mason and later to Dr. Frank Smith Edwards. Upon Edward's death, the dies were acquired by Edward Cogan. Cogan's widow donated them to the ANS, where they currently reside.

The U.S. Armory at Springfield played an important role in the Union Civil War victory. Prior to the war, the Arsenal turned out 800 muskets a month. By the end of the war, in large part due to innovations in mass production, the Arsenal was turning out 1000 rifles a day. The Armory is currently a museum run by the National Park Service and is well worth a visit.

It is not believed that any Brass examples were struck by Bolen. Six Brass examples were struck by Mason and possibly a few more by Edwards.
B3_Copper.JPG B3_Brass.JPG JAB-03_Brass.jpg B3_WM.JPG