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33mm - 7 Struck in Brass

Dies cut in 1893 for E.J. Piper. They are currently unaccounted for. Piper was a member of the Roswell Lee Masonic Lodge that practiced the Scottish Rite of Masonry, which incorporates Cyrus' name in several of its ceremonies. The Masonic temple was destroyed by fire in 1891. This medal was undoubtedly used in fund raising efforts.

The Cyrus medal is extremely rare. I have only seen three Brass examples offered for sale since I began collecting them in 1981. I have never seen examples offered in Copper or Aluminum, which supposedly were struck in much larger quantities than the Brass pieces. This piece was purchased on EBAY in 2014, from a seller living in Israel.

B39_Silver.JPG B40__Brass.JPG B40_Brass_#2.jpg B41_al.JPG B41_Brass.JPG