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Fraisse, Edouard, Gallia, Award Medal, 1933 (1960)-combo.jpg
Gailia, Award Medal, Designed 1933, Awarded 1960380 views
Fraisse, F., Award Medal-obv-combo~1.jpg
Award Medal155 views
Fraisse, Women Running-combo.jpg
Women's Track84 views
Fraisse, Education Physique.jpg
Education Physique76 views
Fraisse, Agricultural Award Medal-combo.jpg
Agricultural Award Medal73 views
Fraisse, E., Chantecler, 1914.jpg
Chantecler, 191470 views
Fraisse, Edouard, Hercules, Sports-Athletiques Prize Medal-combo.jpg
Sports Athletiques, Prize Medal70 views
Fraisse, Runner-combo.jpg
Track Medal70 views
Chantecler, 191470 views
Fraisse, Fencing Medal, Awarded 1929-combo.jpg
Fencing Medal, Awarded 192967 views
Elegant Automobile Competition, Vichy67 views
Fraisse, E., Victory of U.S. Troops at St. Mihiel, 1918-combo.jpg
Victory of U.S. Troops at St. Mihiel, 191866 views
Fraisse, Exposiiton des Petits Inventeurs-combo.jpg
Angel - Exposiiton des Petits Inventeurs66 views
Sports Athletiques, Awarded to Le Petite Gironde66 views
Fraisse, Sports Athletiques-combo.jpg
Sports Athletiques, Award Medal65 views
Fraisse, Chargeurs Reunis-combo~0.jpg
Ship and Seaplane - "Chargeurs Réunis", Awarded 194761 views
Escrime, 193058 views
Fraisse, Basketball, reversey by H. Dubois-combo.jpg
Basketball57 views
Fraisse, Edouard, Medal-combo.jpg
Award Medal55 views
Fraisse, Marianne-combo.jpg
Marianne Award Medal55 views
Fraisse, Soccer Medal-combo.jpg
Soccer Medal55 views
Fraisse, Nautical Sports Award Medal-combo.jpg
Nautical Sports Award Medal53 views
Fraisse, Rowing Award Medal, Reverse by H. Dubois--combo.jpg
Rowing Medal, Awarded 193652 views
Fraisse, Victory Medal, Awarded 1930-combo.jpg
Marianne Award Medal, Awarded 193052 views
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